Friday, March 5, 2010


Hello Amelia!
How are you?
My name is Catalina. I live in Es Mercadal (Spain – Menorca). I am 11 yars old.
My hair is straight, long amd colour brown, my eyes are colour brown. I wear glasses. I am tall. I usually wear tracksuit at school.
My favorite animal is horse, and my favorite sport is skating. I like music, and playing the clarinet.
What about you?
I hope to be your friend.

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penpals said...

Hi Catalina. This is Amelia i am fine. How are you? I live in Clarksville. I was born in louisville. I am 10 years old . My hair is short , and black , my eyes are brown too. My favorite animal is a dog. I have tree dogs. My favorite sport is basketball. I like playing the electric guitar. I hope to be your friend to. Bye From your friend Amelia