Thursday, March 25, 2010

From Judit to Dakota

Hello, Dakota!! How are you??
Today, I’m going to tell you about Menorca and Es Mercadal, my village.
There’s a mountain near my village, El Toro, It’s the highest place in Menorca. There’s a riding club too, Ses Ramones. There’s a small church in Es Mercadal. There’s a modern “SALA MULTIFUNCIONAL”, where we can watch films, plays…
Our typical celebrations are : “FIESTAS DE SAN MARTIN” in the “FIESTAS” there are horses, music and fairs… When we have “FIESTAS” we eat “ensaimada ” is a typical pie..
It’s very funny!!!
I hope your comment!!
**..JuDiT..** 

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penpals2010 said...

im your new pinpal Hannah,
im new to GRC thats or school well i read your letter about MENORCA AND ES MERCADAL and i thought that was cool.
we have a fair every year it is cald the KENTUCKY STATE FAIR it is so fun there is horses, games, and lots of cool stuf to do i go every year.

your new pinpal Hannah

to judit