Thursday, March 25, 2010

From Dyane to Cierra

Hi, Cierra!!!
I have read your comment. I want to tell you that my parents have give me a puppy in February, it had one year and five days, its name’s Tracy. I’m very happy! This year I’ll go to Disney land of France (Orlando) with my parents and my uncle and to another island called Mallorca. I live in a little village in the center of Menorca, called Mercadal, here’s a little church called “Sant Martí”, three parks, one square, many shops, restaurants, my school, many houses, a mount tourist called “Monte Toro”, a football stadium, a tennis court, a sport center, a riding club called “Ses Ramones”, farms, orchards, a hotel called “Jenny” and many animals. Great! now you have some idea that how is Mercadal. Can you tell me how your city or your village is? Ok take care. Bye

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Anonymous said...

hi dyane
What kind of dog do you have? I have 2 dogs they are pitbulls they are so cute. I live a small city called clarksville ,but we have a big mall called green tree it has a lot of cool stores in it. We have a movie theater called the great escape and we have a sea food restaurant called clarksville sea food and we have a tennis court next to are public swimming pool. Can you teach me some spanish words?
your friend,