Thursday, March 25, 2010

From Guillem to Silas

Hi Silas! ;D What is the feduchen illfrado??? :S I looked it up in the dictionary and there isn’t here…
I want to tell you some about Mercadal; my little village:
It’s in the middle of Minorca and it’s next to the tallst mountain on the island (a hill 357m. tall pfff!!) here, we celebrate Sant Martí when people make jump the horses. There’s a church here, and a sport center and a “Sala Multifuncional” too. In the “Sala Multifuncional” we can see a movie, a theatre play….
Well… see you soon!!! ;D =)

GLS (Guillem)


Anonymous said...

Cool you shod try out. It sounds cool. I.m more into Baskitball and Baceball, but that sounds cool I mite try it.

Guillem said...

Do you refer at the sport? I say that I don’t like because I tried it, and I wasn’t very happy with the result. =(=(
Have a look at our photos in the blog.
Bye bye!!! ;D