Thursday, March 25, 2010

From Catalina to Amelia

Hello Amelia! How are you?
I’m happy to know about you!
I’m going to tell you about Menorca and Mercadal, my village.
There’s a mountain near my villatge, El Toro, it’s the higest place in Menorca.
There’s a small church in Mercadal.
There’s a modern and big “Sala Muntifuncional” where we can watch films, plays,…
There’s a riding club, too, Ses Ramones.
There’s a big sport center.
There’s a tennis court next to the swimming pool.
And our patron is Sant Marti and we have our “fiestas”.
I hope your comment
Bye!!! xxx


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Anonymous said...

Hello Catalina. I am doing fine.How are you? I guess i will tell you a little about Clarksville. We have a mall were you can buy lots of stuff. We have a skating rink where we have parties or fiestas. There is a small church right by the school. We also have a tennis court by the swimming pool. We have a movie theater where we watch movies. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!XXX To you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!